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The Experience of Clarity 1Confusion

2 Even at the highest level of correspondence, two would know that their understanding lies beneath the symbols used, and preceding their own reaction to words as stimuli.They must first have been educated by experience. The symbols would have to be deconstructed with great care to get around their own distinct conditioning to seemingly identical stimuli.To confirm each other’s view they would alter the stimuli — the words — and thus a third person listening to such a perfect correspondence would himself experience not only confusion but would have the evidence of constant probing, testing, rephrasing, and re-organizing, all of which are typical signs of confusion and a lack of correspondence. The difference is that each of the two had begun with — I am — diagramming from there, the behavioral wires that manipulated an illusion of mind and even others’ minds.Without this first step, the third party does not really Crowd-Think, but each is an isolated …