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Recognizing an error where others cannot is not “quitting,” but communication requires that one use the language indigenous to the prevailing ignorance. A man who has never quit anything may never have begun.
We mistake a species of regret with our pursuit of happiness.Why would one “pursue” something one already had?Love who you are, where you are. Too much of our philosophy is only trying to outrun regret.

You know you’ve reached the final truth only when it dies and there is nothing left but reality.

* The most honest man: Some hidden but central fear of the truth turned a wheel of flickering little peripheral truths, and they lit up his night. He managed his conscience with this arm’s length irrelevance so well that not a single falsehood ever left his lips.
The most dishonest man: He knew that the deepest truths hurt, and so he was sincere with his acts of kindness.
A horror of horrors, his conclusion had just been harpooned by a sharp, barbed fact and pulled into another’s boat. Kept alive in a bucket of water, a living study.