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the heart, a human strategy, aphorism 461


The ancients taught their children: “Make your heart small.”  This age teaches them: “Be content with who you are.”  From shrinking the heart, we have progressed to stunting its growth.

discontent, a human strategy, aphorism 462


We are the last of the discontented ... and hold this to be our highest virtue ... a discontentment which one cultivates.  That other thing, that whisper, “Accept yourself for who you are,” what is that but the formaldehyde of the public clinic?  ... where every germ has been sterilized ... even that germ of life, discontent, has been sponged away by the hairless hands of our public guardians.

vanity is a means of progress, a human strategy, aphorism 463


Vanity is a means of progress; it is related to our future.  It does not show me who I am, but inflates an image of myself, and reality floats it away from me.  I feel the loss and would take it back.  I follow.

vanity, a human strategy, aphorism 464


How does one go about convincing the vain of their vanity?  And then, if successful, how does one convince these newly defeated and humbled creatures that they need this vanity after all ... only to a greater degree?

My humility, a human strategy, aphorism 465


My humility: Finding the soft spot to pound hard.

Crowd-Truth, as Affinity and Aversion

The Three Anxieties

In praise of mental instability: