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Reality, A Human Strategy, aphorism 396


Let us leave alone that modern, false logic: reality is sometimes disgusting; therefore when I show the disgusting, I show reality.

A Human Strategy ** The Mechanics of Virtue ** Post-Atheism

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Summary of the Conditions for Integrity, The Mechanics of Virtue, aphorism 231

The dominance mechanism projects Standard X: I project social ranks onto human affairs.  I experience pleasure in my promotion to or maintenance of higher rank – and misery in my demotion.This over-crowded society continues to grow.  I find less and less room available for the successful display of my inherited or presumed rank.  I find myself in increasingly greater competition to maintain my imagined rank according to Standard X.  I am frequently demoted ... or rather, the public holds me at a rank which is incompatible with my imagined rank. Within Standard X, I find no hope of retrieving my imagined rank ... the esteem “I deserve.”This constant demotion is unendurable; Homo sapiens is not built for it.  “Consequently,” there must be something wrong with standard X.  I must now find a completely new standard – “Y” – by which I can now prove my higher rank ... the true value.Several standards will do, as long as each is peculiar and rare – but the most excellent of all is clear t…

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moral deception, The Mechanics of Virtue, aphorism 232


Is moral deception necessary?  Our morality may admonish us, “Love your enemies” ... and this is well said.  However, are we more or less capable of obedience if we deny the need for which the commandment exists and which suggests a human tendency to the contrary? 

A Human Strategy ** The Mechanics of Virtue ** Post-Atheism

promise of victory, a human strategy, aphorism 397


The promise of victory pleases us ... as much, if not more than the victory itself.

A Human Strategy ** The Mechanics of Virtue ** Post-Atheism

the villain, The Mechanics of Virtue, aphorism 233


It is not so much that the wound constitutes the right to “counter-attack” the villain as much as the ever-present drive for aggression must have an outlet: it cannot do without a target, and Righteousness, Equality, Justice, Liberty and Peace are not the targets but the weapons.

A Human Strategy ** The Mechanics of Virtue ** Post-Atheism

Victory, a human strategy, aphorism 398


If I have not made an advance in a long time, in spite of a great effort, I conclude that I have never made an advance.  A single victory and I am settled again, relaxing beside my trophy laden fireplace.

A Human Strategy ** The Mechanics of Virtue ** Post-Atheism

The Mechanics of Virtue, aphorism 234


One may first wait for the right to proceed and only then proceed.  However, one’s right only follows from the successful presentation of a target.

A Human Strategy ** The Mechanics of Virtue ** Post-Atheism

a human strategy, aphorism 399

A strategy without adequate resources has little chance for victory, but that says little of the strategy itself.  Many who have failed have had their plans buried with them, only to have the lesser plan of a lesser architect adopted — and all because fate was a poor instructor, because of the human tendency to magnify recent points of victory or failure such that they dwarf the greatness ... the eventual victory of a superior plan, however weak its resources at the moment.

A Human Strategy ** The Mechanics of Virtue ** Post-Atheism

The Mechanics of Virtue, aphorism 235


The old cause is not “dead,” as their lamenting would have us believe.  It is only that their hatred survived the victory.

A Human StrategyThe Mechanics of VirtuePost-Atheism

A Human Strategy, aphorism 400


One does not chop around the entire circumference of the tree; one chips away at one place.

Spontaneity, A Human Strategy

A Human Strategy by Matt Berry

Spontaneity, or, I am a delayed reflection of a complexity which exceeds my understanding to a surprising degree.